Did he draw this picture by himself?

What's your favorite video game?

I do appreciate that.

You mean he can't read or write?

These blinds are not made of real wood.


They change everything.

I just want Judy to get well.

His perfect score brought the class average up.

Are you afraid of the truth?

I was on my way home.

It's what you do and not what you say that shows who you really are.

I'm sure I'll be able to find it.

He apologized to them for taking up their time.

You don't remember, do you?


Mind you call me up tomorrow.

I'd walk through fire with gasoline-soaked underpants for her.

I can't stop shaking my leg.


The gas gives off a strong, bad smell.


Tanaka has lived in Boston most of his life.

Kerry reads science fiction as a form of escapism.

Although old, he is still very much alive.

In places where it snows a lot, kerosene is an indispensable item.

There is nothing left to say!

It took a while to make headway in modern medicine.

Tell me the reason you didn't come yesterday.


He boasted of having won the prize.

I feel lonely in this town.

I'd like to pay for the repairs.

A constellation shines.

Isn't this against the rules?


I'll take you to school.

We're done here.

The paintings were in very good condition.

I'm dealing with the problem now.

He shook his head.

I think many people do that.

He must be crazy to talk like that.

I think I should go in alone.

The railroad divides into two after the bridge.

Have you eaten anywhere interesting lately?

I received this fax from her.

That doesn't sound particularly reassuring.

The policeman gave Mayo a ticket for reckless driving.


His speech charmed the audience.

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Fay has a tendency to complain a lot.

Would you like to wait?

Do you want something to do?


My grandfather was wounded in the war.

Francois had told the sailors what had happened.

He is not a friend, but an acquaintance.

Why do you study French?

Well I'll be!

What are you trying to say?

She removed the yolk from the egg.

Soon the same waiter came back to pick up the dishes.

It's a golden retriever.

He is good at biology.

The most painful thing for a mother is having to bury her own child.

Is that train fast?

Wolfgang works for the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science.

Have you ever seen a pier?

Rehearsals are going well.

Do you wash your hands before meals?

Where are you?

I don't think he'll know how to do that work.

With that big salary you're getting I guess you've saved up quite a lot.

I enjoy a good hot-fudge sundae after church on Sundays.

He always eats breakfast here.


There was only one bottle of beer in the fridge.

When it comes to snoring, no one can top Mr Snore.

You're the only one who hasn't done what I asked.

I don't know how to be happy anymore.

Walt and Lila were sitting in their usual places.

You won't believe what I just saw!

I was anxious that she accept my offer.

I can't do that to you.

Amarth has never been much of a talker.

The bread went hard.

What do you call this animal in French?

I had been reading a book for about an hour when he came in.

There's no problem with working hard, but it's also very important to know what you're working for.

I can teach you how to pray.

Oh, boy, would I make a lot of Flash-cards for this text!

She defrauded me of my property.

Vincenzo doesn't know why Marek is mad at him.

Shoveling snow is hard work.

Emily loves doing covers of songs.


I bribed them.

If you want to stay a member of this club, you have to fish or cut bait.

The door wasn't closed.

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Dan argued with the waitress over a piece of cheese.

Pierce wasn't expecting visitors.

You can't just leave us.

I'm a country boy now.

You wouldn't be in trouble now if you hadn't got involved in the first place.

Do you have any questions for us?

Moore and Hugh are asleep in bed.

Lou has been watching Carlo like a hawk all morning.

I've got nothing more to say.

Margaret Mead ascribes to the Balinese she studied an inability to follow complex directions. I ask, "What of her ability to express complex directions in Balinese?"

It's good now; neither too heavy nor too light.

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My home is far away.

Do you think they'll find Arnold?

He works at night.

Every client has rights.

Latin is a perfect language.

People are not used to someone being honest.

I sympathize with you.

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What is it that satisfies your aesthetic sense?

She hates raw onions.

Certainly she is correct.


My mouth is dry.

It was a complete disaster.

Give Terri a chair.

She left the room without saying a word.

Jussi had difficulty paying attention.

You're a penny-pincher.

Frank has a tough job.

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I needed to justify why I was earning such a large salary.

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The ice of southern Argentina is suffering from the effects of climate change.

Saturdays and Sundays are rest days.

Hsi doesn't like to do that.

I'm dying to meet her.

I find him extremely intelligent.

The party reached the mountaintop yesterday.

My kid brother is twelve.


I just got a call from my office.

Ramiro rolled over in bed.

A photograph can't explain the reasons.

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She can speak English very naturally.

Tharen is trying really hard.

Take the train that's going to Moncloa.


The garden at Byron's house was heavily overgrown. For over a year no one had bothered to look after it anymore.

Why are you hiding behind the door?

I'm dating a girl named Vernon.

It's not brain surgery.

Don't underestimate her determination.


He left his glasses at our place.

Joe is physically stronger than Shane.

You had a cat.

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Magnesium is a chemical element.

I had no idea Casper would take it so badly.

Do you think you really know me?

Christophe knows what you need.

Why don't you fry up some of those nice sausages for our barbecue?


Bernie will attend the meeting in my place.

Hohn is a private detective.

Keep a tally of what you owe.


Calvin has been staring at Pierce for three hours.

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Maybe we shouldn't be doing this.


I'm convinced Arne is lying.


She stood by him.


Someone tried to shoot her.


No matter how cold it was, he never wore an overcoat.

This tree is tall.

Belinda has been teaching French for thirteen years.

That'll make them very happy.

Will I see her later?

You had better make use of the opportunity.

If you teach a man, you educate one person. If you teach a woman, you educate a whole village.

He came over and cooked dinner for me.

Juergen managed to cut himself while trying to open a bag of peanuts with his pocketknife.

Maybe Lowell has already done that.

It's our pleasure.


I know you're going through a lot right now.

The revolution has its own laws.

You're very good at what you do.

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Bernard, please leave me alone.