Using technology to help you grow.
Manage your documents more easily with

More Productivity for your Business.
And Faster Company's Workflow
Advanced Security
All your documents will be Encrypted and safe from any incident. Our Cloud-based solution has a Redundancy Data Sorage system so that you always have your files accessible and unde your control. And more! You will always know who and when accessed your files with the Report Tools.
Paperless Office Solution
Forget the papers, that's old stuff! With our Electronic Document Management you will stop accumulating lots and lots of papers and you will not get lost in when you look for a document. With so submit a few clicks you will find what you are looking for with the Advanced Search System on Metadata and Tagging based.
Stay Organized
Do not mess with the wrong documents. Manage all your resources better with the Workflow tool and the Versions Control will make your work and your team's work easier.
A Powerfull Colaborative Solution
Make your team enjoy the work! Using our Collaborative Solution you can create incredible files, groups of users and you can share anything in a secure way. You can also manage access to any document or folder.
Simple Set Up And Easy To Use.
No software installation or prior knowledge is required to use the platform. Our system is as simple as navigating in any social network and as secure as a bank's app. Don’t worry and be happy! :)
Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime.
Do not worry if you are not in your office or if you have forgotten your computer. Access your account from wherever you are, no matter the time and from any device. We give you the security you need so that you can have full control.

Platform Features

These are all the features that you will have at your disposal.
  • cloud

    Remotely managed, administered and supported by us without the need of initial investments, hiring nor maintenance costs.
  • data_usage
    Data Loss Prevention (DLP) & Redundancy

    Your data is securely stored and backed up.
  • share
    Secured Sharing

    Only authorized users can access the documents you share.
  • person_add
    User Management

    You can create groups, users and control who can access what.
  • folder_shared
    Permission-based File Sharing

    You can choose what permissions (create, read, modify, visible) you want give your users and groups.
  • group
    Collaborative Solution

    You can share and collaborate with your team.
  • access_time
    High Availability

    Your data is accessible 24 hours at 365 days - yes! 366 days if this is a leap year, we are the unique that guarantee that day!
  • security
    SSL and at-rest Encryption

    All your transactions are securely encrypted.
  • timeline
    Traceability Features

    Advanced user access and security reporting to comply with traceability requeriments.
  • today
    Records Retention

    To comply with accounting requirements.
  • update
    File Versioning Control and History

    This is your way-back machine.
  • group_work

    To create document based workflows trough your team members.
  • settings
    Document Automation Tools

    Like Template-based document generation, packaging and optical recognition based archiving and classification.
  • extension

    It can be adapted to any kind of business or process.
  • language
    Paperless Office Solution

    Eco-friendly solution that helps you to unawares contribute to take care of our planet.
Take your API
If you are a developer or expert.
If you need more functionality and personalization of the work environment you can adapt the platform to your needs with our API for Developers.
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More Performance In Your Company's Workflow

StartUp Plan

  • check_circle Up to 3 Users
  • check_circle Up to 5 GB of Storage
  • check_circle Support*

Enterprise Plan

  • check_circle Up to 10 Users
  • check_circle Up to 20 GB of Storage
  • check_circle Support*

Unlimited Plan

  • check_circle Unlimited users
  • check_circle Unlimited Space Disk
  • check_circle Unlimited Support
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