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Play 2 Fight Foundation

Together we play, together we fight.
Attend our event on October 29th at the University of Toronto St. George Varsity Stadium
Please support the patients and professionals working to fight illnesses at SickKids.

About us

Play 2 Fight is a student-run, registered non-profit organization started by students who wanted to share the experience of using sports to help overcome challenges in their life.

We aim to hold three sporting events a year, each focusing on a seasonal team sport. By participating in these sporting events, kids will realize they are capable to perform specific tasks, and enjoy the thrill of a competition- despite their conditions.


Play To Fight is aspiring to give kids who have an accessibility the opportunity to participate in organized sport events that are critical to their development.

We want to raise awareness on children’s mental state, and deter any negativity involving their accessibility during recovery and rehabilitation.

Together we play, together we fight.


Our first event will be held on October 29th at the University of Toronto St.George Varsity Center. It will be a community gathering starting at 8:30am. The main event will be our Play 2 Fight Soccer tournament with many accompanying activites for all ages. Please come out and support the fight!


Our team knows the power of sport. Every member of our team had the opportunity to be involved with organized sports as a child. Pleasant memories, lasting friendships and genuinely joyful experiences are some of the few reasons we hope to extend this privilege to all children. From dance, to soccer, to swimming, sport and play are as vital to the future generation as feeding them the right meals and sending them to the right schools. Our team is committed to giving this chance to every kid out there; because all kids deserve to play.


Join our team and help the fight.

Fill out a volunteer application and email it to and we'll find a position that works for you.

Thank you for your generosity!