Some people don't like swimming at all.


What was going on?

Anna is a ruffian.

I don't want to become like them.

Take it out!

He flirted with me.

We're not living together.

Good day, Doctor Mortimer.

I'm home early.

Let's begin!

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We want to talk to you about that.

It is not right to criticize people behind their backs.

They had a long wait for the bus.

That's probably not a bad idea.

John likes the nurse.

If you learn how to do card tricks you'll always be the life of the party.

She was very delighted with my gift.

You're in trouble if you ate that cake!

I'm a fanatic of ecology.

George said he wouldn't be gone long.

He's a slowpoke.

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Refreshments will be served afterwards.

Boyd shoved Moses against the wall.

The present time is a good time.


As you know, I met your daughter a long time ago, and we want to tell you that we've decided to get married.

People who are unconscious can't say they want to die.

Bert made Ira wait for a long time.

I suggest you come back home immediately.

At the corner, he turned left.


He liked the boy's frank way of speaking.


Just do what you normally do.


I don't think that's very likely to happen.

The weak point of this book is that it's less than persuasive when the married author recommends not being married.

You should consider moving to Boston.

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We'll sort this out. Don't worry.

Franklin is independently wealthy.

In the evening, we will have some guests.

Neville didn't have enough money to go to the concert.

Stay in touch.

Rafik's birthday is October 20th.

You should quit.

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I ordered some new books from America.

That's complete and utter nonsense!

This is an ancient law.

You've got better things to do with your time.

I found the river dirty.

In 2024, there will be a robot in every home.

He was very ashamed of not being able to make his point.

She didn't want to do it.

Let me make something perfectly clear.


I'm always bored with films that have little action.

That was a question Sundar dreaded answering.

Listen to his candid opinion.

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I fail to see.

Rudy didn't need to look at the menu because he'd been to that restaurant many times before.

They're completely wrong.


Miriam is wearing a short skirt today.

He fits the description in the newspaper.

People stood in queue for hours for the autograph session of the popular pop group.

Where did you go on spring vacation?

A lot of people prefer to eat fried chicken with their fingers.

Does Pratt speak French fluently?

She is quite equal to the teacher in her ability to speak English.

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His family is large.

Let's use this car.

Kathleen's parents were disappointed that he couldn't get into Harvard.

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I am sorry to cancel the appointment at the last minute.

Holster your weapon.

He teaches Arabic.

I suggest that you apologize to Lou.

I believe I'm still a friend of Norm's.


The boy screamed for help, but couldn't make himself heard.

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We'll meet her at the gate.

I'm trying to meet a deadline.

Various types of philosophy originated in Greece.

I want to write to Julia.

I do not need a loan anymore.


You won't get an argument from me.

I ran into my old teacher at the station.

I don't find any of this interesting.

I think that would help.

Churchill is a very conservative politician.

They're not drunk, but they've been drinking.

My mother has been dead these ten years.


Don't play dumb, Elliot.

We're supposed to be helping Edmund.

Douglas would like to talk with you about tomorrow's schedule.

I just saw Jarvis last week.

Did you know Loren and Hy were cousins?


He can't read French, much less write it.

You had a cat.

I'm in a really bad mood.

I am afraid your watch is two minutes slow.

I hope you learned your lesson.

This rule cannot be applied to you.

I don't want to see anyone now.


Maybe Trevor can tell us what we need to know.

I read the letter to him.

I have already written about it.

Srinivasan is being very vague, isn't he?

The Swiss Guards protect the pope.

I forgot that I was supposed to be there yesterday.

My family is full of musicians, and a couple of times a year we get together and jam at my cousin's studio. We improvise and have a great time.

I want to be just like Vicky when I grow up.

I'll walk out with you.

I've always wanted to learn how to play the mandolin.

Last time I counted, I estimated that I know around 2500 Chinese characters.

I can not but think so.

The Japanese public bathhouse was once used as a center of social life in one's neighborhood.

Can I hang out here till seven?

You were right about everything.

I pleaded not guilty.

I can't get a hold of him.

Dustin Moskovitz is a Jewish entrepreneur. He is one of the co-founders of Facebook.

You had better have breakfast.

If God is love, I have fallen in God, if I may say so.

The best thing you can do for now is to preserve your strength. Tomorrow will be a busy day for us both. Go get some rest, you'll need it.

Would you like to join our team?

The lines are crossed.

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There's a fire downtown.


I'm glad to know you.

I'm Azerbaijani.

One must trust that growing insight and good will will lead men to act according to the truth that they recognize.

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Be kind.


What he said can scarcely be true.

There isn't time.

Samuel gave Marci a copy of the speech he was planning to give.


I would like to chat with you by e-mail.

Harv did a really good job.

I can barely hear without my earphone.

I would not go skating today.

Have you ever played dominoes?

You're off the hook.

Irfan's backyard is full of junk he's picked up at garage sales.


I just kept my cool.


In order to be a skeptic, maybe you should not be an expert.

Does Toufic still love Robbin?

Make sure to turn off all the lights before going out.

I told them to contact us if they needed help.

Most workers get an automatic pay raise every year.


Do you offer any night tours?

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I'll see this doesn't happen again.


They're all scared of Nathaniel.

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We are always getting away from the present moment. Our mental existences, which are immaterial and have no dimensions, are passing along the Time-Dimension with a uniform velocity from the cradle to the grave.

He is very busy writing stories.

In 1962, Algeria gained independence from France.

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I think we should buy a new house in another neighborhood.


The film was a great success.

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England proper does not include Wales.

A dozen people gathered opposite the station.

All the men present were wearing tuxedos.


Look to right and left in crossing the street.

Alison can stay here.

I hope Elijah comes as well.


She stopped dead in her tracks.

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They endured many difficulties.


They went by without saying 'hello'.

Let's go sit in the shade.

Soccer is an old game.

But Ram had one final trick up his sleeve.

True understanding requires the greatest of wisdoms.